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creator and manager of this site:

Heike EMERY Midwife

1290 Versoix/Geneva

[email protected]

Three children born by Caesarean section (1985, 1988 and 1991)

Diploma in midwifery 1994-1997, Geneva

Hospital practice in Geneva until 2001
Independent practice since 2001 in Geneva

Professional book reviews since 1996
for the  Swiss Federation of Midwives

Languages: German, French, English

Training related to the subject of the site:

Services related to this site:

Individual interviews

for women/couples who have had a difficult experience with cesarean section(s)

Preparing for a scheduled Caesarean section on medical indication

individual or group sessions (from 3 registrations)

Preparing for vaginal delivery after Caesarean section

individual or group sessions (from 3 registrations)

Please contact me by e-mail for any further information (finance, location, dates) and to register for one of the activities. These services are available face-to-face in the Geneva area or via Zoom.

A site is only as lively and interesting as it is regularly updated and fed. Your comments, suggestions and testimonials are most welcome, and I'll answer them personally to the best of my ability.

All the photos on this site were taken by myself or a family member.

Thank you for respecting the rules of copyright.


I would like to extend my warmest thanks to my husband and children
Julien, Daniel and Marielle for their presence and moral support, and especially my eldest, without whom the IT challenges of the first 2006 version would have seemed insurmountable.

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